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Emerald X10 Opus carbon fibre guitar, superb cond., actv pickup

Emerald X10 Opus guitar for sale. Made in Donegal, Ireland, it looks basically new, and is packed with cool features.

For anyone not familiar with Emerald, they're generally reckoned to be the best carbon fibre guitars. I've found this one plays like a dream. I also have a stunning McIlroy wooden acoustic, but to my surprise the X10's been the guitar I always pick up to play: it's a pleasure, in ways I can't easily quantify. I find the sound smooth and mellow but 'sparkly', with a top end which cuts through in a band really well (it's fantastic for percussive plectrum chops). It sounds great amplified - miked or using the active onboard pickup (the under-saddle B-Band on this suits it really well).

Its small body is deceptive: this guitar sounds much bigger than a wooden guitar of similar size because it has no struts, and its hollow neck resonates as well (it's comparable with a good wooden guitar with a full-sized body). The body is sculpted to make playing comfortable: it nestles into you in a way I've found makes playing wooden guitars feel awkward and uncomfortable.

The entire guitar is apparently made in a single seamless interwoven moulding: no separate soundboard glued to the top.

It's incredibly light (1.5kg), but the hollow neck makes it well-balanced. Its light weight, compactness, virtual indestructibility, immunity to temperature and humidity changes and general hassle-free nature combined with its great sound, built-in tuner, active pickup and EQ make it an absolute weapon for a touring musician. I was always worrying about my guitar before I got this. It won't split or warp if you leave it in a car that's in the sun. It should be fine if you have to check it as hold luggage on a flight. You can sling it in a gig bag (so easy to carry!) and not worry. You can lend it to friends and expect it to look exactly the same when you get it back. You could probably drink beer out of it. And it should last virtually forever: even the frets are made of stainless steel which wear a tiny fraction as quickly as traditional ones.

This was going to be my 'guitar for life', but unfortunately my musical partner has bought an insanely loud carbon-fibre cello, and I need something massive to compete.


  • Full carbon fibre composite construction using one moulding: lightweight, resonant, big sound from compact body, incredible durability.

  • Scratch-resistant back and sides

  • Contoured back and sides for playing comfort

  • Fast, low-profile neck

  • Big cutaway gives access to 20th fret

  • Ultra-durable stainless steel frets

  • Self-trimming, low-geared tuners

    • B-Band active pickup with Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence adjustment, volume control and built-in tuner
  • Comes with hard case (good used condition, with a few external scuffs etc.).

Pickup from Dunoon, or I can deliver in the central belt if you can be flexible on dates. Alternatively, I'm happy if you'd like to arrange pickup by courier (the price I've given is an estimate of how much it'll cost).

Any questions, please let me know. Thanks for looking! :-)

Left/Right Handed: Right
Listing created Jun 9, 2019

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