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Fender 63 Tube Reverb reissue...surftastic!

If you want to go the full Dick Dale, the Fender 62 Tube Reverb reissue is DEFINITELY the way to's surftastic!

These reissue reverbs were discontinued by Fender in 2016 and so are becoming quite hard to find. Boss now make a pedal which purports to reproduce the sound, but frankly, there's something missing - that indefinable mojo you get from actual springs, driven by actual tubes!

I remember seeing Dick Dale in Austin, Texas, in the 90s, playing his Strat through a pair of blonde 100w Fender Showmans, each with a matching 2x15 cab, loaded with JBLs, and a 63 Tube Reverb, suspended on a rope from the ceiling! (Presumably to stop vibrations making the springs clang and rattle - though they did that quite thunderously whenever Dale turned round a whacked the reverb unit with his fist!)

This unit has had hardly any use at all and is in great condition. The only marks on it are a pair of white paint marks where it stood against the wall in Dave's studio.

As I say, these units are getting really hard to find - I just looked on eBay and reverb and couldn't find ANY in the UK, except for 60s originals for £1,200-plus.

Dave is looking for offers in the region of £499 for this amazing-looking and sounding bit of kit.

Listing created Jun 10, 2019

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